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Benefits of using learning outcomes

The Student Leader Learning Outcomes project was created for students and advisors to be able to document a student’s leadership skills, and the student’s intentional growth over time. Using the rubrics allows a student to document leadership skills from one organization to another and to be able to articulate those skills (and examples) when applying for jobs or to graduate school.

Talking to your advisor about SLLO

If you are interested in using the rubrics for your leadership skill development, ask your advisor about the advisor training. In addition, review the rubrics to see in what area you might want improve over time.

Using Rubrics for Feedback

Using the rubrics as a tool for feedback about your performance can be a valuable experience. Your peers and advisors will be able to give you an outside perspective about your performance in a given area. The rubrics can highlight areas in which you excel and give you an idea of what behavior constitutes an advanced leader. You can use the rubrics over a time period to see growth over time.

As a student leader, you might want to use the rubrics with your executive team, either by choosing one skill area for the whole team or having each executive choose a rubric that appeals to him/her (i.e., the treasurer using the fiscal management rubric).

Here's what Mike Keyser of MSC FISH has to say about the project: "I can see that it allowed me an outlet for growth as a leader. I learned how to give and receive constructive criticism. In addition, the rubrics give a group of people a common language to talk about a topic....My work with the project management rubrics has helped me plan out my work and use timelines. I also think about the whole of the project and make sure to communicate my needs and questions along the way."

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